Model 20 Transfer Case Low Range Kit

Model 20 Transfer Case Low Range Kit
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Teraflex's transfer case low range conversion kits. Lower gear ratios (higher numerically) are key to optimal off-road performance. By reducing gear ratios, your vehicle is able to travel slower, often referred to as crawling, to climb obstacles without having to rely on a heavy dose of throttle. The gas pedal will often get you over the obstacle, but it may also break parts in the process. Any four wheeler will tell you lower gearing is a must for an off-road vehicle. Until now low gearing was only achieved by switching ring and pinion ratios or by swapping transmission or transfer cases. Low ring and pinions work great off-road, however highway drivability usually suffers with higher engine rpm, creating accelerated engine wear and decreased fuel economy. Complete transmission and transfer case swaps do the trick too, but many such conversions can be extremely pricey with a long list of required modifications.


The kit converts the stock 2.03:1 to 3.15:1 for improved rock crawling performance.

Technical Details

  • This kit uses a six-spline input gear for Dana 20s with MANUAL transmissions.
  • Low-Range ratio to 3.15:1
  • Include gaskets and bearings
  • Key to optimal off-road performance


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